2-D Studio Art (Grades 9-12 )

In two-dimensional studio art, students select a focus of Drawing, Painting, or Computer Art. Each focus area has its own set of requirements and projects. All students are required to exhibit work in the school art show held each year.

3-D Studio Art (Grades 9-12) 
In the three dimensional classes, students are offered two areas of study: ceramics and/or sculpture. The ceramic courses are designed to educate the student about all of the techniques used in creating pottery. These areas include: throwing on the potter’s wheel, pinch and coil pots, clay sculpture, masks, molds, plates and slab boxes. In the sculpture courses, students will study a variety of sculptural techniques: pariscraft, wood, found objects, papier mache, clay, and plaster.

Notice: There is a $25 Lab Fee for all Studio Art courses.