Welcome to Cocalico High School, where you will continue your education and prepare for your future plans (e.g. Careers, College, Trade/Technological Schools, Military, etc). High school will provide you with opportunities to explore your interests and discover your strengths. You may also find areas in which you may need more work or require more time and effort. The keys to academic success in high school include maintaining regular attendance, devoting an appropriate amount of time to studies, completing class/home work, and adhering to deadlines. Ask questions if you don't understand or don't know something. The chances are you are not alone. Your teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents want you to succeed and will support and guide you. 

As a freshman, you will engage in career exploration. During this time, you should take note of the training and requirements for each job/career that you will be researching to ensure you are setting yourself up to obtain your dream job/career. If you discover that your dream job/career requires more education and training than you desired or less than you had hoped, perhaps you need to look at reviewing, revising, and re-evaluating your job/career choices.

Naviance/Family Connection is your main resource for college and career exploration.