During 10th grade, the focus should be on continuing to explore all your options and future plans. The goal of high school is to prepare you to become productive citizens in an ever-changing world.

As a Sophomore, you are expected to engage in Career Exploration. During this time, you should take note of the training and requirements for each job/career that you will be researching to ensure you are setting yourself up to obtain your dream job/career. If you find that your dream job/career requires more education and training than you desired or less than you had hoped, perhaps you need to look at reviewing, revising, and re-evaluating your job/career choices. Naviance/Family Connection is your resource for college and career exploration.

Other beneficial activities that take place during the Sophomore Year include:

  1. PSAT Testing: The test, that takes place in October, provides students with information on their academic areas of strength and weakness, as well as strategies and practices for improving scores. It also serves as an excellent practice tool for the SAT, an exam taken in 11th and 12th grade.

  2. CTC Information Sessions & 1/2 Day Program Tours: A representative from the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center (CTC) speaks to our students each year about opportunities available to them for their junior and senior school years. This process begins as early as 10th grade and typically occurs in October.

  3. College/Career Fair: The Cocalico College and Career Fair is an annual October event providing students and parents the opportunity to have conversations with local businesses, industries, and educational entities.

  4. Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY): HOBY's flagship program allows high school sophomores to recognize their leadership talents and apply them in becoming effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace, and community. Students attend three- or four-day seminars and participate in hands-on leadership activities, meet leaders in their state, and explore their own personal leadership skills while learning how to make a positive impact in their community. The seminar curriculum is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership and develops leadership from three perspectives: Personal Leadership, Group Leadership, and Leadership for Society. Be on the lookout for announcements during the first semester of your sophomore year!