Criteria for entering into the Dual Enrollment Program

  • Must be a senior in good academic standing (minimum GPA 3.0 and minimum PSAT/SAT score of 1000.) (A GPA of 3.5 and SAT Score of 1000 is required for Millersville) who is making satisfactory progress toward HS graduation as determined by the school district.

  • Students must score above the national/state average on standardized tests in the intended subject area of study.

  • Students must demonstrate readiness for college level work based on recommendation of HS guidance counselor or HS administrator.

  • Students must notify the school district of their intent to enroll in the Dual Enrollment program at their junior to senior year scheduling meeting with their school counselor, no later than March 12. 

  • Students may not receive more than 8 full credits in a given school year.

  • The school district agrees to award 1 high school credit to the students for each of the students’ college courses.

  • Students will receive a college transcript in addition to credit awarded on their high school transcript.

  • In order for a student’s dual enrollment credit to transfer, the student MUST contact the college where they completed the dual enrollment class directly and request an official transcript be sent to the college of their choice.

  • College courses are AP-weighted, and grades are based upon the college grading scale. The highest grade HACC, PSU, Millersville, LBC, & PA College of Health Sciences will award is an A. ***If a student drops a college course after the established college deadline or they fail a college course, it will affect their GPA. A grade of F will be indicated on the students High School transcript.

  • Students may only select courses for which they meet the college established pre-requisite requirements (e.g. Placement test score) and worth at least 3 college credits. Cocalico Students may not select P.E. courses.

  • The school district agrees to release the students to attend college classes at the college. Students may only schedule college courses that do not require them to miss any time from a scheduled high school course. (E.g. evening classes, weekend classes, classes before their first scheduled high school block, or classes after their last scheduled block at the high school.) In other words, they must be able to make it back in time from their college course so that they do not miss any time from their next high school class. Scheduling a college class that ends before block 2 starts or after block 3 ends is the ideal situation.

  • Students must adhere to all criteria, policies, and procedures of the Cocalico School District and the college.

  • Depending on the college, students may be required to attend a new student orientation at the college prior to the start of classes.

  • Tuition and fees will be the sole responsibility of the students/parents. 

    Interested students should see their individual counselor for more information.